Blind Items – Dirty Holes, Drug Chefs & Comebacks!

We get that some people love these blind items and some people hate them. The opposition thinks it is in poor taste and that it exploits the industry for sharing secrets. Well as a gay man I am used to a percentage of the population hating me, so to the lovers continue reading and to the haters I say go eat a Chick-fil-A sandwich…which I hear they use only chlamydia-positive chickens to make. That part may not be true but I wouldn’t test my luck.

-Which blonde, French stud was so desperate to get booked for more scenes that he tried to sleep with the director and set manager but was turned away because he was not so “clean” during filming?

-Which Cuban sex star was recently on board a gay cruise ship and was trying to “cook” his drugs on his balcony but was caught by the crew. But he found a certain way to get out of any punishment? (This one sounds far-fetched but a reliable source aka the model is the one who shared the info.)

-Which studio is so embarrassed over a twitter war (which has since been deleted) between one of their directors and a model, where accusations of HIV spreading and black-listing from the industry were thrown around in a viscous battle? Hint: both are from the west coast and the studio is on web-based only.

-This porn star was one of the best (and shortest) bottoms in the industry, but has taken a leave of absence for four years to concentrate on college but now has graduated and is considering making a comeback!

Check out a movie, jerk off, clear your mind then tell us who you think we’re talking about!

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