Blind Items: Don’t Touch My Asshole!

Hey guys, hope everyone had a great weekend, I know we sure did! We still have ice-packs on our assholes, recovering from all of the poundings we had to endure to get some more inside information. With our legs placed firmly over our heads, we took notes as the men divulged their “friends’” secrets. It may not be earth-shattering information but it still got us off. So tell us your guesses for who is who in this week’s installment of blind items.

1) Which elusive French-Canadian porn star is so private about his personal life that he’d absolutely hate us telling everyone he spray paints his balding scalp.

2) Who is the massive-dick, former porn star who is so anal about no one ever being allowed to touch or go near his ass that he refuses to hook up with people in fear they might venture back there. Is he hiding something?

3) Who is the tattooed, shaved-head, “straight”, blue-eyed porn stud who has to get high before a scene in order to fuck a guy? Hint: He has a hefty jail record.


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  1. sxg

    My guess for #2 is Jao Paulo, the guy who did a few Kristen Bjorn videos. Or maybe Chad Hunt.

    #3 could be a number of people lol

  2. jake

    3) clearly cliff jensen

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