Blind Items: Drugged Up Pornstars, Battles and Robbery!

It’s been awhile since we’ve shed some light on the dirty secrets of the gay porn world. But we feel we have closed our hole long enough and it’s time to open up and spill the cum… err dirt…err dirty cum. Anyways, we have our spies at work digging deep into the caverns of juicy behind the scenes drama and here is what the slutty spelunkers have unearthed:

1- Which “young” gay porn star just missed his shoot because he was high on Molly and ended up waking up in the wrong town…and state?

2- HustlaBall Berlin is just around the corner, but which two ex-boyfriends are both planning on attending with the agenda of destroying the other one’s night? From what we hear it is going to get very ugly.

3 – Which Italian stallion porn god is losing out on booking because studios do not want to deal with his crazy ex-boyfriend/manager… who insist that he take half of the star’s profits?

4- This is an easy one: Which foxy porn star’s “girlfriend” was recently robbed of all of her possessions and as luck would have it now the porn star himself has been robbed and ransacked? Tag you’re it!

Check out a movie, jerk off, clear your mind then tell us your guesses on who is stirring up the pot in the gay porn world!

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