Blind Items: Exclusive Model Begging To Be Released From Contract

Dig, Dig, Dig… there is a lot of dirt to brush off when uncovering the secrets of this filthy, fun business. But it’s not all masturbation dreams when it comes to gay porn. There is more drama in this industry than on the set of Melrose Place. Our industry insider is at it again, revealing the hidden stories behind the scenes. So tell us who do you think these mystery studs are?

1) Who is the Canadian porn star locked in to an exclusive contract with a company he absolutely hates?

2) Who is the ripped southern gentleman who got started in porn doing scenes for zero pay, just because he wanted to get fucked on camera?

3) Which tall, mocha stud has recently retired from porn because his jealous boyfriend couldn’t handle seeing him fuck guys on camera anymore?

4) Which Australian porn star has moved to the West Coast of America and is knowingly spreading his laundry list of STD’s around to other porn stars?

Tell us your guesses in the comment section!

UPDATE: Here are some hints:
1) The model is a bi-sexual, cum-loving guy who hates his “arrogant” boy studio.
2) I think you all got this ;)
3) He signed with a studio and did one movie before retiring (although he did many scenes before being an exclusive)
4) He has a new bf on the West Coast…


  1. Steve

    Jesse Santana and Kyle King have HIV, Marc Dylan doing porn for fun, and Idk the rest.

  2. zach

    its me

  3. XXXBoytoy

    Tate Ryder for the STD and Adrian Long for the exclusive contract that he absolute hate

  4. xxxboytoy

    Ok thats not AL but Gabriel Clark for question number 1 ;)

  5. Chelsea

    This is just like the Big Brother 14 countdown. When do you reveal the answers?

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