Blind Items: NextDoor Model Wants to Move

Maybe our lips are too loose…maybe our asses are as well but either way we enjoy opening wide and feeling the fun! We continue to dig into the gay porn industry’s little white lies and secrets to share with you what we’ve learned. Granted our sources would stop leaking us the truths if we flat out gave the answers away but there is no harm in giving clues to the facts of who has done what!

-Which NextDoor Studios exclusive has been contacting other production teams looking to follow in the footsteps of Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero and leave the company?

-Which former fashion model, turned porn stud recently showed up to the set with a herpes outbreak on his lip and tried to cover it with make-up but his scene partner saw through it and sent the viral stud home?

-Which shaved head, blue-eyed, sex star had to be rushed to the emergency room because he had a large sex toy lodged in his ass…and it wouldn’t come out?

Let us know your guesses!

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