Blind Items: Stalkers, Steroids and Stinky Models

You all are a bunch of assholes. I know this because these blind items have been one of the most popular pages viewed on the blog. You all want to know the dirt, the bitchy nastiness, the insider scoop on what your favorite stars are hiding from you. Well let me tell you that we are no different than you. We are also a ripe pile of whore-cunt and we love nothing more (other than ass play) than to share the filthy secrets behind the scenes. So here it goes again, tell us your guesses!

1- Which porn star ex-couple were both recently in the same movie together but one of the guys had to make a special request from the studio. He begged to never be put on the set at the same time as his ex. Apparently the other is still in love with him and is stalking him around town. Hint: One is brunette and the other is blonde.

2- Who is the tall, Spanish muscle stud who was demanding someone from the crew inject him with his daily dose of steroids but when the crew denied his request, the hot-tempered Euro-man stormed off the set and cancelled his scene.

3- Which interracial porn couple (who are still together) smell so bad that we’ve heard from several studios that the guys have had to be turned away and told to go back home/hotel and shower before they can film.

Alright, we spilled it, now who do you think they are???

Oh and look how hot this little bastard is on his cam. Stop being so prude and show us your balls!

mmmm nevermind, here are balls!

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  1. pop

    1. Spencer Reed and Philip Aubrey
    2. Carlos Caballero
    3. Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero

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