We were beyond excited this morning when we woke up and found this major industry news in our inbox! The breaking report is that D.O. has a new scene out today where he BOTTOMS! YES! Well-known gay sex icon and pornstar D.O. has bottomed for the first time on camera…and it is for a HUGE dick! Check out the clip and press release from Lucas Entertainment:

International porn powerhouse Lucas Entertainment is excited to announce the first bottoming scene ever for mega porn star D.O. This long awaited premiere marks the first for the Argentine stud as he takes the thick cock of Hot Rod and shows off his incredible bottoming skills.

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“D.O. has a huge fan following that have been waiting for six years to see him as a hungry bottom,” says Marketing and Creative Director Marc MacNamara. “We certainly didn’t go easy on D.O. with his scene partner who has one of the largest dicks in the industry. The scene is an aggressively hot, must-see!”

D.O. has signed a six month exclusive contract with Lucas Entertainment, in which all scenes he will be versatile. His first four scene partners are Hod Rod, Adam Killian, Trenton Ducati and fellow Lucas exclusive Edji Da Silva.

“This was a huge career move for D.O. and we are proud D.O. chose Lucas Entertainment to showcase his incredible versatile talents,” says Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas. “He blew us all away with his eagerness to take a massive cock with ease and pleasure.”

D.O.’s premiere bottoming scene is NOW available to stream exclusively for members of LucasEntertainment.com

Watch The Scene Here!

Scene Description:
D.O., one of the hottest hunks ever to slam dudes in the ass on camera, has decided that Lucas Entertainment is the perfect place where he will be surrendering his own hole for the first time ever. The lucky guy to pop his cherry is none other than Hot Rod, a black hunk with beautiful eyes, a killer body, and one of the biggest cocks around. After Adam introduces the stars and talks to them for a bit, D.O. and Hot Rod can’t contain themselves anymore and begin kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. D.O. pulls down Hot Rod’s tight red briefs and starts throating his huge cock, letting it slide far into his mouth until he gags. Hot Rod and D.O. flip back and forth sucking each other off harder than the last. The guys move over to rimming, and D.O. first eats out Hot Rod’s chocolate hole before the black stud bends him over and gives him a deep lathering and tongue fucking. When D.O. is prepared and can’t take it anymore, Hot Rod slides on a condom and then slips into D.O.’s tight hole doggy style. All D.O. can do is bend over and rest his head on the bed while D.O. thrusts deep inside of him. D.O. moans and groans while clutching at the sheets, which only encourages D.O. to penetrate deeper and harder! D.O. flips over onto his back so Hot Rod can jackhammer him while jerking his own cock. After D.O. reaches his limit and can’t handle it anymore he puts on a condom himself and flips Hot Rod onto his back, and he is not gentle at all as he pounds him hard, deep, and long — showing the mocha stud exactly what it’s like to take a huge dick! Hot Rod and D.O. slam each other so hard they blast geysers of cum at the end of their romp!

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