Jay Roberts is Less Douchey as he TOPS Parker Perry

Jay Roberts is, what we call in Pakistan, a douche bag. I’ve always thought he had a hint arrogance that screamed ‘I’m too good to be doing this’. But my opinion has changed. Don’t get me wrong, Jay Roberts is incredibly annoying in his promotions for the London party Gigolo but in his scene here with Parker Perry he seems to be just a regular, horny Slovakian looking to bust his nut in some hot ass. The way Jay makes Parker moan in pleasure has me jealous and finally wishing I was naked with Mr.Roberts. The talented top definitely delivers in this scene.

Jay Roberts tops Parker Perry
Jay Roberts and Parker Perry work each other over as they grapple and grope. Parker gets on his knees and opens wide to consume Jay’s uncut prick. Jay then throws Parker down and begins fellating Parker’s major league meat aggressively, then chows on his hairy ass with licks and slurps so aggressive that the poor guy’s quivering with excitement. Then Jay fucks Parker fast and furious like a well-oiled machine. CLICK HERE

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