Jessy Ares Fucks an Elderly Man for Titan

I’ve never really followed Jessy Ares until lately. Now he is making more interesting movies and really showing his personality, plus he is actively pursuing community service by fucking the elderly. I know that many of us really get into the daddy-boy fucking scenario. Which is fine by me, I’m all for it. Why not send these gentlemen off into their golden years by fucking them to the verge of a stroke? There’s no reason not to and it is kind of hot to see guys who are so eager to play that you know it’s not “acting” sex, it’s the real thing. So I say enjoy, before you die.

Watch The Daddy/Son Action NOW!

After drifting to sleep, Jessy Ares’ dream is brought to life in the form of handsome Allen Silver — who straddles his bod and soon feeds the hungry stud. Flashing a hot smile as he gets serviced, the verbal Allen is impressed with Jessy’s skill. With Allen’s boner resting on his muscle chest, Jessy buries his face in the stud’s hairy stomach. Spit drips down Allen’s shaft, the bearded gent bending down for a kiss. Allen drops down, soaking up the vision in front of him, gripping Jessy’s cock before smoking it like a pro in a spirited sequence. “All the way down to the balls. Deep throat that cock!” demands Jessy, telling the sucker to work his nuts. “Smells good,” replies Allen. “Tastes good down here!” Jessy gags him (“Yeah Daddy! Let’s go! Choke on that dick!”) before turning the silver fox around, sliding into his hole. Allen stays hard as he gets plowed, sitting down on Jessy as his boner bounces off the top’s stomach. The two stare into each other’s eyes as they rub each other’s bods, squirting their loads to end the intense pairing.

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