Johnny Hazzard Gives Liam Magnuson His Eager Ass!

Lucas Entertainment does it again! In episode two of their new season of Kings of New York, we see the ugly side of fame with Johnny Hazzard and Liam Magnuson running into TMZ darling, Tan Mom. Any one who asks why the hell is Tanning Mom in a gay porn, should really just watch the scene. She is not supposed to be hot or jerk-off worthy. Lucas did something brilliant and used her as a tool to showcase hilarious commentary on today’s spotlight seeking “starlets”. But that moves on quick and we see Liam Magnuson take on the gorgeous ass of porn King Johnny Hazzard. The sex felt authentic and natural with great passion and sensuality. We highly recommend, kudos!

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From Lucas Entertainment: “There’s nothing wrong with being a bit fair-skinned, but Liam Magnuson and Johnny Hazzard cave into the pressure and decide to stop by a tanning salon for some quick color. They stop by the tanning salon run by Patricia Krentcil, aka the “Tan Mom,” who pulls Liam Magnuson in for a tanning first. After his session Liam is tanned a bit more than he’d like to be; Johnny gets them the both out of there before more damage is done. Back at home Liam cleans up as much as he can, but Johnny loves him just the way he is. They begin to romantically kiss, and because these are two hot and horny young gay guys, the kissing quickly turns into sex! Liam and Johnny suck each other’s hard cocks (Johnny loves taking Liam’s stiff rod down his throat nice and slow, and bringing his mouth back around the shaft slowly) before Johnny gets on his hands and knees for Liam’s frisky tongue. He gives his bottom boyfriend a good and deep rimming before rolling on a condom and inviting Johnny to take a seat on top. Johnny rides Liam for a while, but his favorite position is from behind. Liam’s strong frame towers over Johnny as he pounds his ass deep in the doggy position, and his body is dripping with sweat as he approaches climax!”

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