Paddy O’Brian Bottoms for Topher DiMaggio!

Watch HereOur favorite British lad Paddy O’Brian is finally parting his furry ass cheeks and bottoming for the first time! We are huge fans of Men.com and are excited to announce the lucky top who is fucking Paddy O’Brian is… Topher DiMaggio. Yes, Topher DiMaggio is fucking Paddy O’Brian’s tight, virgin hole! We love the pairing of these two and can’t wait to watch the full scene. We hear Paddy took it like a champ and stayed hard for every cock thrust. WE even got a sneak peak at the full pics! It must mean our little first-time bottom did, in fact, enjoy taking Topher’s big dick. Hope we will be seeing more of Paddy bottoming! For now click through to watch the trailer at Men.com!

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