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Circus Threesome With Leo Domenico, Logan Vaughn & Rogan Richards – Behind The Big Top

Watch The Threesome Here WORLD PREMIERE: Circus strong man Rogan Richards likes to admire himself in the full-length mirror in the props tent. He’s shredded and massive, with a hairy chest and pierced nipples. Rogan hits all the bodybuilding poses until his muscles bulge. Wait…he spots something in the mirror: Logan Vaughn is blowing Leo …

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Threesome: Bobby Clark, Alex Graham and Logan Vaughn are More Than Ready!

Cody Cummings is laid out on the bed, legs spread and qTossing a football leaves the t-shirts of athletic Logan Vaughn and Alex Graham stainedwith sweat. They douse themselves with water, which clearly turns them on considering thetents in their shorts. Alex breaks an awkward silence by confessing to Logan, “I’ve beenlooking at your butt …

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