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Troy Daniels Eats a Delicious COCK Buffet!

Cocks are delicious, trust me, I’ve taste-tested several and even if they weren’t cute they were still delicious. Troy Daniels is one lucky bastard who gets to have a buffet of dicks that aren’t only cute but they are all also long, thick and juicy. It is the weekend and lord knows I love my …

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Tate Ryder and Troy Daniels KISS LICK SUCK FUCK

Forget about the Scissor Sisters and having a kiki, Kiss Lick Suck Fuck is this summer’s instructional “how to have a good time” video. In fact, this scene is this century’s Macarena. That’s right! Tate Ryder and Troy Daniels are here to show us exactly how it’s done.

Twitter Pic Stalking: What Are The Porn Stars Doing This Weekend?

We have searched the twitter world to see what our favorite porn sluts have been up to this weekend. So let’s sit back and judge people for living fun weekend lives as I sit behind a computer and type with my hateful (err jealous) fingers. Here we have an (alleged) prostitute named Harry Louis and …

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