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Porn Star Twitter Stalking: Horse Sex and Miley Cyrus

So Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate. Although we have no idea who he is or why he doesn’t have a last name, we do know that he has great hair and that he is a douche. As you would expect porn stars around the world are all a buzz about …

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Twitter Stalking: What Are The Porn Sluts Doing This Weekend?

Screen Shot 2012-08-04 at 12.48.54 PM

It is a beautiful weekend here in the North East so what better to do than to sit inside and judge others. Listen it’s not like we are throwing rocks out of our windows at idiots below, we are simply throwing spears of love at the porn sluts we follow on twitter. So check out …

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Twitter Pic Stalking: What Are The Porn Stars Doing This Weekend?

We have searched the twitter world to see what our favorite porn sluts have been up to this weekend. So let’s sit back and judge people for living fun weekend lives as I sit behind a computer and type with my hateful (err jealous) fingers. Here we have an (alleged) prostitute named Harry Louis and …

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