Porn Star Twitter Stalking: Horse Sex and Miley Cyrus

So Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate. Although we have no idea who he is or why he doesn’t have a last name, we do know that he has great hair and that he is a douche. As you would expect porn stars around the world are all a buzz about Mr. Ryan on twitter. Well actually none of them are (except Samuel Colt). So let’s focus on what the porn sluts were up to this weekend! After all, they would make better presidents then Mitt and Paul.

Here we have Francois Sagat with his latest scene partner. We all have seen his ass spread open and salivating for a meal. Now I think Francois has finally found a match for his delicious French anus.

Next we have Trenton Ducati and Preston Steel on the set while Leo Forte films. Now I don’t know about you but when I lift weights, I try and keep my balls out of the equation. But I’ve clearly been working out wrong because their way looks like much more fun.

What’s funny here is not that fact the Spencer Reed is sharing a photo of his fat college girl breakfast but what makes me piss is imagining Spencer saying, “werrrrrk!”.

Here we have the incredible hottie Will Helm looking like a complete idiot. It’s a cross between Robin Hood and Miley Cyrus. Will can pull off almost anything, but here he just needs to pull all of that off, burn it and then fire the stylist from the shire that did this to him.

Lastly, we have the super loveable Wilfried Knight living up to his bear title a bit too literally. At least from the caption we see he has a sense of humor and is realistic about his future. Hope you can cut me to the front of the line at Magic Mountain. Smooches.

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