10 Questions with Christopher Daniels – Exclusive Interview!

Christopher Daniels is one of the nicest and most genuine guys in the porn world. Not only is he a complete sweetheart but he is also a dirty, hot and horny fucker who gives one hell of a performance every time he strips down. His smile can light up a room…and so can his ass. We had the joy of brightening our day with Mr. Daniels as he answered back our rapid fire questions:

1) What’s the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

I’d pay off my house in Vegas, buy a small place in SF and NYC. I’d split my time between the three cities and live in each home until I got sick of it then move to the next. Oh yea… I’d also hire a PA and permanent dog sitter.

2) What’s the kindest thing you’ve ever done for someone else?
Do pity fucks count? I’ve given away a lot of those.

3) What part of your body would you change?
My chest and arms. Being long and lean makes it hard to build up those muscles. Damn you short muscled pornstars!

4) If you could only wear 1 color for the rest of your life, which color would it be?
Blue bc it brings out my eyes.

5) What’s your biggest regret?
Letting myself getting involved with guys who I knew were clearly bad for me.

6) What was the last thing that made you feel like an idiot?
Nothing too major but a few months ago I was dancing at a gay ski weekend in mammoth CA. I went to get on the box for a thirty minute set but I put my outfit on backwards. I was wearing these cute white long johns and the front was in the back and really saggy so it kind of looked like i was wearing a diaper. Didn’t help that the box was at the entrance of the patio where I was dancing and every homo felt the need to stop, point, laugh and say ” Hey Girl… Your underwear are on backwards!!!”

7) What’s is something that you do constantly that others might find weird?
I constantly touch my dick when I’m at home. Not sure why but it’s fun and feels good. 2nd thing I constantly do is wash my hands excessively.

8) When was the last occasion you were super happy?
As a whole I’m pretty much happy most of the time. I have a good life and little to complain about.

9) If you could only choose 1 word to describe yourself what would it be?

10) What was your most stressful situation on a set?
We were scheduled to shoot around 10-11 and the studio was an hour late picking me up, the other model I was filming with had gotten drunk the night before and was in a bar fight and later arrested. The model turned off his phone and slept through his alarm and was 6 hours late. He finally showed up fucked up on something, we drove 30 mins to the location but they told us we were too late and couldn’t film there so we had to find another location. We finally found one, drove there and waited outside the apartment for 45 mins for the owner to arrive. We set up everything but my co star couldn’t get hard. We wrapped up the shoot around 9pm. Oddly enough stuff like this happens all the time but that was the worst shoot ever.

BONUS: What’s your favorite movie you’ve been in?
My favorite movies I have been in were Heatwave 2, Hooker Stories, I Want You, Incubus 2 among many others:) I love what I do!

Thank You!

*Check out his favorite scenes below!





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