10 Questions with Dominic Pacifico – Exclusive Interview!

Many of you know Dominic Pacifico as DJ Pornstar but I know him as my boyfriend. Well not really but he could definitely be added to the list of fantasy husbands I am gathering. Dominic has gorgeous lips, a fat cock and an ass that anyone could get buried in for days. But you have to be more than just hot to be upgraded to a marital status fantasy. Dominic Pacifico is genuinely a funny and intelligent guy…as well as being a talented fucker and DJ. We caught up with the busy stud as he answer are rapid fire questions:

1) What’s the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

I think I would start by cleaning house. I would get rid of old clothes and furniture, making room for all the new things in my life. Not that I would go on a shopping spree, It would be to prepare for a full time traveling life style. Then I would hire an assistant to fly everywhere with me to help me with my things, and keep my business running.

2) What are you afraid of?

I’m not afraid of normal things like, ghosts, monsters, zombies, dieting, getting old. That stuff isn’t scary at all. The scariest thing to me is being “Humiliated” in front of family or peers.

3) What part of your body would you change?

Well, when I was 8 years old, I was in a pin hunting for minos (little fish), and I steps on a piece of glass and cut half of my toe off. If I could change any part of my body it would be my toe, I would love it back the way it should be.

4) If you could only wear 1 color for the rest of your life, which color would it be?

I like blue, but I would wear black. I used to be Goth so black is my favorite color.

5) In your daily routine what is one thing that you hate (for example: taking your dog for a walk, do the dishes, brushing your hair etc)?

I hate account, I wish that I didn’t have to pay my own bills, and make payments. I’d prefer someone else do it for me.

6) If you could be someone else for 1 day, who would you be?

I would love to be a Potter, and make pottery all day.

7) What’s is something that you do constantly that others might find weird?

I like to go to the bathroom in reverse. I face the toilet instead of way. I also I like to shower sitting down.

8) When was the last occasion you were super happy?

I just got booked to DJ at the White Party again last week. This was Super happy, Its a dream come true to DJ at the World Famous White Party two years in a roe.

9) If you had to live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I would live in London, It’s my favorite city. For some reason I feel like I really belong there.

10) Have you ever had a scene partner you really clicked with and wanted to date?

Yes, In 2007, I meet a very sexy guy, Josh Powell . When I walked on set I started sweating, and I was so nervous I couldn’t even cum, Well I did anyway. After it was over it was ranging so he came over to get out of the rain. He told me he thought I was beautiful. We dated for 9 Months. It was so much fun, I’ll never forget the times we had. I have several movies to look back and reflect on as well.

BONUS: What’s your favorite movie you’ve been in?

My favorite movies I’ve been in are ColorBlind, Adrenaline, And Asylum. Those where a lot of fun to film.

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