10 Questions with Jimmy Durano – Exclusive Interview!

Just because the head of HouseHouse studios Christian Owen snatched up Latino lover Jimmy Durano doesn’t mean we have to stop lusting over him. With his thick ass and even thicker cock Jimmy Durano has the tools to deliver our fantasies. But what’s even more impressive to me is that he is coherent. I don’t want to mention anyone’s name (Bo Dean …allegedly) but many porn stars can’t even hold a conversation. Jimmy Durano is sexy, intelligent and we caught up with him as he answered our rapid fire interview:

1) What is your biggest goal in life?

I would say that my biggest goal in life would be a successful
business. I enjoy porn because it allows me to meet new people,
travel & it introduced me to great friends & my wonderful partner, but
I don’t think I’ll do it forever. I’m eternally grateful for the
opportunities that have opened up to me, but my real passion lies in
the graphic & industrial design field as well as fashion. I consider
myself a creative & handy person so I would like to create and bring
people’s ideas to life for a living.

2) What are you afraid of?

Fear is relative, but if I had to pick one fear it would be
death. Death & taxes, the only things in life that are 100% sure
thing, my dad passed away last year in March and I never felt such a
horrible pain in my life.

3) What part of your body would you change?

I really like the way I look, but if HAD to pick anything
specific I think I would probably make my nose a little smaller. I
also would like bigger muscles, but that is something I plan to
accomplish by hitting the gym. I’m happy the way I am and I thank God
every night for being healthy. I couldn’t ask for anything else.

4) If you could only wear 1 color for the rest of your life, which
color would it be?

I love to wear colors all the time! If I was forced to choose
only one color for the rest of my life, I think that it would be blue.
I love all shades of blue, it is definitely my color.

5) In your daily routine what is one thing that you hate (for example:
taking your dog for a walk, do the dishes, brushing your hair etc)?

I don’t hate those kinds of things. If I hate something I’m sure
that I won’t do it. I’m not a morning person so I would say that I
hate to wake up too early in the morning. I have a Toy Miniature
Pinscher named Ollie and he is still a puppy, which means I have to
get up really early in the mornings to take him out to use the
bathroom. He wakes my boyfriend or I up around 6 o’clock in the
morning by jumping on us in bed until he gets what he wants.

6) If you could be someone else for 1 day, who would you be?

That is a hard one. I really don’t know. I never thought about
it, but I would really like to have the ability to sing, so I would
probably be a singer. Singing is something that I wish I could do
better. I can’t even sing karaoke. Although she isn’t a singer, it
would be cool to be Oprah. She has done so much to help other people
in the world, it would feel amazing to have her power & intellect, not
to mention her bank account!

7) What’s is something that you do constantly that others might find weird?

I’m a terrible singer but I still enjoy singing. I do it
constantly, when I’m driving I turn my stereo on and start singing,
even the songs I don’t know I will just make up lyrics. It’s always
weird & hilarious when I notice other drivers staring at me.

8) What part of your body do you hate being touched?

My hair! DON’T TOUCH IT! I don’t like when I’m shooting and my
scene partner touches my head or messes with my hair. It takes me
quite a while in front of the mirror to get my hair done and I like to
look my best. When someone messes it up, my mood changes quickly.

9) What embarrasses you?

Ignorant, impolite and/or rude people. People that don’t have
respect for others. It embarrasses me to have someone like that in my
circle of friends. When I’m going out and I witness someone treating
another person with disrespect, I get embarrassed & soon quite angry,
it’s not right to mistreat someone else, ever.

10) Have you ever had a scene partner you really clicked with and
wanted to date?

No. I’ve been very professional about doing porn. I never had
that emotional connection with a scene partner. When I’m in front of
the camera, it’s a fantasy. I’ve had great experiences and really
great scene partners that made the work go easy and smooth, but never
anyone that I wanted to date. However, at the 2012 Grabbys I met my
current boyfriend Christian Owen. It was one of those moments that
stop you dead in your tracks, so if wasn’t for porn I would never have
met this great guy, but there was no need for the cameras to be on to
have that special connection.

BONUS: What’s your favorite movie you’ve been in?

Kiss, Lick, Suck, Fuck. A HotHouse movie. It was a very artsy movie and well made. I liked it because each sexual world was coordinated to a color on set and to models outfits. And I was assigned to the word “SUCK” and I had a lot of fun ;) Also because it was the very first movie I ever get to help with the concept. Christian and I brain-stormed the worlds together and wanted to bring all the basics in sex to 4 letters words for each scene.

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