Cody Cummings Gets FUCKED by Joey Hard – Code Red

Cody Cummings has teased us many times as he edges his way to finally fuck a guy. Next Door Studios and CodyCummings.com are excited to release what they call Cody’s first time flip-fucking with Joey Hard. With all of the other Next Door exclusives being dumped from the studio, Cody better take on more than a load to keep the company afloat. Be one of the first to watch it and tell us what you think… it has to be better than that vagina he fucked earlier this week… or is it? WATCH HERE!

In the scarlet lit night, Joey Hard sits illuminated like the evening’s prize. Cody Cummings spies him from afar, sliding his hands across his chest and slipping them into his blue jeans as he fantasizes about what he’d do to him. Moments later, fantasy becomes reality, and Cody embraces Joey from behind, kissing him up and down his body, rubbing his full body against Joey’s soft skin. Joey takes the cue and drops to his knees, taking Cody’s cock into his mouth and running his hands up and down Cody’s quivering thighs, before reclining onto his back and letting Cody have his way with him. The temperature heats past the melting point as Cody caresses Joey’s neck, kissing him from head to toe before the spreading his legs and blasting himself with a red hot load as Joey hovers over him, shooting his own load at the sight of it, all over Cody’s sweating, glistening body. WATCH HERE!

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