Gay Blind Items: Shockers, Suckers and Bravo Stars!

We have been hiding out in out lair ever since our last blind items post. Apparently gay-for-pay performers don’t like to be outed as being actually GAY. Oops! Well that won’t stop us from spreading the truth and our seed for whoever is ready to take it! So we have kept our hear firmly pressed against the closed doors of gay porn to find out more shocking secrets. All of these men are as 100% guilty as Jodi Arias, so tell us who is who!?

1 – This one is a true shocking discovery: which very tall gay-for-pay sex star has a girlfriend but secretly likes guys to put electro-shock dildos in his ass?? We’ve never even heard of one of these, but hopeful can purchase one asap!

2 – Which major studio almost nabbed a famous Bravo reality star to be in their next porn? But allegedly Bravo got wind of it and axed the plan. Who was the said star?? He’s very feminine, we’ll say that…

3 – Which Spanish porn stud was recently spotted in the city of Love with a studio owner? Looks like someone is campaigning HARD to sign an exclusive deal.

Tell us who are the dirty suspects!

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