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Cody Cummings Blows His Load With Anderson Lovell

Watch Here His mind was like an empty swimming pool that afternoon. He knew if he could find a source from which to fill it, a new world of wonderful sensations would open up. But until he did, Anderson Lovell would lay in bed, filling the emptiness with sexual fantasies about the one for whom …

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Police Officer Cody Cummings Face Fucks Max McQueen – Strict Enforcement

Watch HereOfficer Cody Cummings sees a lot on his beat. Making sure the streets are safe for Joe Public is often no picnic. That’s why a hard working man of the law needs to blow off steam once in a while. That’s why Officer Cummings has decided to stop in at a known porn house …

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New Cody Cummings Scene – New Boundaries With Kyle Lawrence

Watch HereNewbie Kyle Lawrence waits in the bathroom alone, somewhat nervous regarding Cody’s intentions. Quiet and shy, but willing nonetheless, he says nothing as Cody enters. Cody pulls out his cock to test Kyle, wanting to see how he’ll repsond to having Cody’s meat so close to him. It’s so close that Kyle can practically …

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Cody Cummings Shoots His Cum Over Preston Burgess – Straight For The Goods

Watch NOW! Cody Cummings is getting very comfortable as he lounges, rubbing his swelling cock. He lays back, caressing his most sensitive areas, imagining your very hands exploring his perfect body. Then, a young man steps into view. His name is Preston Burgess and he’s come for only one thing. He wants the Next Door …

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Cody Cummings Eats His Own Cum – Aiming To Please

Watch Cody Cum HereHere’s one for the newer fans, and the faithfuls alike. Cody Cummings is pulling things back a little bit this time, tailoring this very special solo for some newbies that have lately been interacting on his cam shows. He’s explaining some very specific, very erogenous areas on his body, and exactly how …

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Cody Cummings Shoots His Cum on Axel Wolf – Morning Porn

Watch Cody Shoot His Load HereAs Axel Wolf sleeps on the bed, Cody Cummings is just waking up. A little dissheveled from the night before, he takes stock of his surroundings and recognizes the morning urge to start the day off right, so while Axel sleeps away, Cody whips out his dick and pulls up …

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Cody Cummings Face Fucks Steven Wild in Hard Reflections

Steven Wild slowly fondles himself reclined on the bed, his swollen hard cock already at full mast, as he looks off to his left at something. Across the room, we see the object of his affections, as Cody Cummings stands in a full length mirror, slowly undressing in front of Steven. Once disrobed, the two …

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Cody Cummings Jerks Off Hunter Page With His Feet – Bros and Toes

Hunter Page sits on the bed slowly undressing and caressing himself, sliding his pants down around his ankles and pulling the socks off his feet. Laying back on the bed Hunter watches as Cody Cummings approaches and straddles his face. Closing his eyes, he takes Cody’s naked cock into his mouth as Cody runs his …

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Cody Cummings FUCKS Jay Cloud In Prison – Throwin’ Bones

Jay Cloud is the new guy on the block, having only been here a few weeks. Recently transferred, he now occupies the cell next to Cody Cummings, a long time resident who sort of has the run of the place. Cody has taken notice of his new cell neighbor, and when morning lockdown is lifted …

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Cody Cummings Fucks A Lesbian

Watch This Scene Here Ok, well it’s not a lesbian, but honestly is there a difference here? The men’s locker room at the gym. This is where Cody hangs out longer than most other guys. Sometimes he waits for something just right. Other times, he takes a chance. On this occasion it’s a little of …

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Cody Cummings Gets Rimmed and Sucked By Colton Fox


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Jayden Ellis Eats Lucky Charms Out Of Cody Cummings’ ASS!

Jayden Ellis is hungry with an appetite that is insatiable. Luckily Cody Cummings has just the thing for his mouth. Jayden slowly strips Cody out of his clothes, and then begins rimming his asshole, turning him over and putting Cody’s growing cock down his throat to try and curb his hunger. But it’s just not …

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Cody Cummings Gets FUCKED by Joey Hard – Code Red

Cody Cummings has teased us many times as he edges his way to finally fuck a guy. Next Door Studios and CodyCummings.com are excited to release what they call Cody’s first time flip-fucking with Joey Hard. With all of the other Next Door exclusives being dumped from the studio, Cody better take on more than …

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Cody Cummings Fucks a Vagina… Do We Care?

Don’t get me wrong, I support straight people having the right to have sex but just because I came out of a vagina doesn’t mean I want to watch things going back in…and out and in one. With all of the shuffling around with the NextDoorStudios’ exclsuives, it seems Cody Cummings will be producing more …

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